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Below are full lyrics. All lyrics are copyrighted by Cleavant Derricks © 2004-2014.

Lyrics -- Cruisin' LA:

Cruisin' L.A., down the parkway
So much goin' on
Slowly cruisin', while I'm groovin'
To my favorite song


I'm cruisin' down the boulevard
Stevie's on the radio
Just me, maybe with a friend or two
I'm watchin' the girls go by
Maybe I can catch one's eye, tonight
Have a little rendezvous
Cruisin' L.A., down the parkway

There's so much to do
Slowly cruisin', for that someone
Could that one be you
(Repeat chorus)

What a night, a time for cruisin'

From the morning, through the weekend
Come with me, let's go cruisin'
'Til the morning
Girl we can drive
Oh we can drive
(Repeat chorus twice) Cruisin' L.A. Cruisin' L.A.

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