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Below are full lyrics. All lyrics are copyrighted by Cleavant Derricks 2004-2014.

Lyrics -- Incident In A Pleasant Grove

I remember one Thursday night
In nineteen-seventy-two
The buzz around the churchyard about Rev.'s Conduct was in review
Pews were packed, church was full
Unlike on a Sunday morning when he'd
Preach to his congregation
Teaching them about redemption

You don't wanna even think about it
Everywhere there's truth they doubt it
Sort of hard to understand
All part of a master plan

(Repeat chorus)
There were faces I hadn't seen in years
Demanding Rev resign his post
Accusing him of theft and corruption
And I remember choking back my tears
As their hearts cried out to
Crucify him, crucify him

(Repeat chorus)

Amazing grace, no longer sweet the sound
Preachers in the pulpit, robed in starched
Shirts, with pin-striped suits
Like vultures, hovering with
Anticipation in their eye
He was their brother
These ho-li-er-than-thou Christians
As each one secretly plotted
To take a piece of the pie

(Repeat chorus four times)

Copyright © 2001 Cleavant Derricks
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