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Below are full lyrics. All lyrics are copyrighted by Cleavant Derricks © 2004-2014.

Lyrics -- Missing You

Now as the day passes through, ah baby
Into this night without you
In comes a tide of sorrow
Lingering through tomorrow morn

Thinking of when you were mine, ah baby
Reliving time after time
Now it seems I'm only
Living to be lonely

I'm missing you
I'm just missing you
Girl, I'm missing you so
I'm just missing you

So much I had to say
Too soon you went away girl
Leaving this pain in my heart
Wish I had you to hold
You are my very soul
So, what am I to do
I'm just so lost without you

Girl, I'm missing you
Miss you so
Never ever wanna let you go
Ohhhhh baby
Girl, I'm missing you

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