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Below are full lyrics. All lyrics are copyrighted by Cleavant Derricks © 2004-2014.

Lyrics -- She Was The One

Look at her, she's looking the same
As she did then
She looks happy
Look at me
Still holding all those memories
In my mind
I was blind
She loved me
And I couldn't see, yeah

She was the one
Who locked my heart in a cell
And closed the door forever
How could I know
That her love would soon come to an end
She said could we be friends
She was the one

Holding her hand
He kisses her so tenderly
And I remember
When it was me
Who had her there and let it slip away
I'm to blame

I love her, but she's saying
It's over

(Repeat chorus)

She will always be the one
Who got away
But maybe someday
She'll find her way
To call out my name
Once again

Oh, look at her
Standing there with him
She looks happy
So I guess
I'll leave her that way
She looks happy...that way
She looks happy

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