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Dear Sliders fans,

As a special thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement for Cleavant's CD "Beginnings," we are proud to present the full version of "Cry Like a Man." This never-before-seen video is the same version that was shown in limited cuts during the pilot episode of Sliders.

We hope you will enjoy it.

- Cleavant Derricks & The Cleavant Derricks.com Staff

Please make sure that you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed. If it's not installed, only the audio will play.

Win95/Win98/WinX users: To download, click on the link that best describes your connection speed with the right mouse button. Then, click on "Save Target As," and choose the directory you want to save it in.

Oh, and one small reminder:

Universal Studios provided full support for our use of this video, and it is used with the express permission of Universal. The video itself is copyrighted © by Universal Studios. Any attempts to copy or use this video without Universal's permission will be persecuted in a court of law.

"Cry Like a Man" DSL/Cable Modem users. Size: 28.8 MB

"Cry Like a Man" For 56K Users. Size: 3.94 MB

Due to the limitations of 56K modems, the quality of this video is not as good as the DSL version.

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